Perfectly Imperfect
Blaine, Sam, “Against All Odds”

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It’s taken me a really long time to wrap my head around Blaine and Sam’s friendship. I was really, really wary of it at first, mostly because I didn’t want it to turn into the kind of debacle that Blaine’s friendship with Tina has become. But we have gotten the exact opposite of that, and last night’s episode really convinced me that Sam is good for Blaine and vice-versa.

All of the people listed here have been so eloquent about this friendship and what it means, and I honestly agree with nearly all of it, so I’m just going to try and sum up, and add one or two points of my own.

For one, and probably most importantly: Sam accepts Blaine, in a way that we’ve seen no one else do, not even Kurt. Sam doesn’t ask Blaine to be a different person. He doesn’t judge him for the cheating, and in fact he forgives him for cheating on Kurt, something Kurt himself has yet to do. (Understandably so. Kurt is a lot closer to that problem emotionally, and a lot more hurt by it, so of course it’s going to take him more time.) However, Blaine needed someone to forgive him, and Sam is the only one who has done that. Sam was also the only one who reached out to Blaine when he was at his lowest after the break-up, even when Blaine was practically screaming for help, something he ordinarily absolutely refuses to do. He handles everything on his own as much as humanly possible, because he’s afraid of being disappointed and disappointing others. Sam helps him, with a lot of compassion and understanding, and Blaine allows Sam to help him, which is a huge step for him.

As we found out last night, Sam knew about Blaine’s crush “all year,” and he wasn’t angry at Blaine for it. He wasn’t weirded out by it. He was actually a little bit flattered, and understood that since Blaine is gay, it’s something that could be a part of their friendship. He reassured Blaine. He said, “This isn’t going to change anything. We’re fine. You’re still my best friend.” And that’s a wonderfully mature thing for him to say, and then back up with his long hug.

It’s also an incredibly important thing for Blaine to hear, and I think some of the above commentators are right when they say that there are layers to the “Against All Odds” performance. To some extent, it was about Sam - it was about Blaine not wanting to lose Sam, lose his friendship, lose another person that he’s extraordinarily close to. This is the boy who was beaten by his school mates simply for being gay, never mind having a crush on a straight boy. This is the boy who (as far as we know) has been essentially rejected by his parents, if not outright then certainly de facto. This is the boy who was never able to live up to his brother’s demands and expectations, no matter how hard he tried, and who lost that same brother to age, to distance, to a career. Cheating aside, Blaine also lost Kurt to distance and a career - and Blaine has no idea about all the things that have been happening in Kurt’s head and with Adam. Blaine is used to rejection and loss when he cares about someone or crushes on them (we can add Jeremiah to this list, too), and he doesn’t want to go through that again. He’s been worried about it since “Sadie Hawkins”; he openly admits to Tina that he loves his friendship with Sam, he’s proud of it, and he doesn’t want to be seen as a “predatory gay.” 

So “Against All Odds” is, on one level, a plea to Sam of “Please don’t leave me too. I’m telling you my secret, I’m telling you about this crush, and please don’t hate me for it. Please come back.” And Sam does. Not only does he come back, he says, essentially, that he never left, that he knew about the crush all along and it doesn’t matter. And there’s that warm hug at the end, completely comfortable and tactile (something else we know Blaine needs) with no hesitation.

For those of you who are upset about this crush in relation to Kurt: It was clear to me pretty much from the beginning that this was going to stay a crush. Blaine knows it isn’t going to go anywhere; his biggest concern is how it will affect his friendship with Sam. And, if Kurt gets to have Adam, have this other experience in NYC with a boy he likes who is kind to him, there is no reason on earth why Blaine can’t have a bit of a crush on Sam in the context of a friendship that is safe for him. Kurt’s relationship with Adam has the potential to actually be a relationship, and Kurt was acting on that and pursuing it. (Since we haven’t seen Adam again, we don’t know whether Kurt is still acting on that.) Blaine has never pursued anything with Sam and never will; he knows Sam is straight and that their friendship is the most important thing. Now that he’s actually told Sam about the crush, he can feel safe again knowing that they’re okay. Sam isn’t going to disappear, and he’s willing to be a completely accepting supporter.

None of this means that Blaine loves Kurt any less. None of it means that  they won’t find their way back to each other (because they will). It means that Blaine, just like Kurt, is growing, learning, and finding out things about himself. He’s finding other friends and other safe spaces, other supports. He’s becoming more of his own person. And when he and Kurt come back together, they will both have more to sustain them as individuals, and therefore as a couple.

All of that said, did the moment where Blaine essentially used Kurt as an excuse strike a wrong chord with me? Yes. And using “Against All Odds” and the intensity of a live performance seemed out of place for the message they were trying to get across. But it doesn’t make Blaine and Sam’s friendship any less powerful or important.

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